Are you aged between 11-18 and worried about life at home?

If someone is in immediate danger and their life is threatened, they should dial the Police on 999; if you are unable to talk, once connected to 999 press 55 and the police will attend. If it is not an emergency but you need help from the police, please call 101. For non-emergencies you can also report a crime online

Are the adults in your home arguing or hurting each other? 

Are you feeling any of the following:

  • Scared
  • Worried
  • Angry
  • Sad

Talking to a safe adult can really help. Examples include teachers, learning mentors or other safe adults at school. When you're not at school speak to other adults you trust, for example grandparents or other relatives, close family friends and club leaders.  

Remember your friends can be a great source of help to you but they may not be able to support you to be safe. Still speak to adults if you are unsafe or need help. 

If you are in danger you should call 999

  • Call 999. Once the operator has spoken to you, press 55 if you are too scared or unable to speak. Do not hang-up and leave the phoneline open if you can, even if you can't speak.

If you need to talk to someone or ask for help, there are services that can help you. Remember you can talk about anything.

  • You can call Childline on 0800 1111
  • If you have a social worker, family support worker or any other support worker share your worries with them and they will find ways to help you
  • Any safe adult

Coventry resources 

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What is domestic abuse?

Abusive behaviour can consist of any of the following: 

  • Physical abuse e.g. hitting, kicking, hair pulling or slapping
  • Emotional abuse e.g. shouting, name calling, swearing or making someone feel bad about themselves
  • Being forced to see or do things you don't want to do, including anything of a sexual nature 
  • Scary or threatening behaviour e.g. throwing things or threats to hurt you or someone else
  • Taking control over aspects of your parents everyday life, such as where they can go, who they can see, what they can wear and when they can sleep 
  • Financial abuse e.g. not allowing your parent to have enough money, clothing or food. Not allowing them to go to work or college, removing their means to escape the abuse. 

It does not matter is this behaviour happens once or lots of times, you can still ask for help.   

Types of domestic abuse.

Watch a short video about how to recognise domestic abuse and how to get help.