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Advice for those leaving for a refuge

If you need to leave home quickly and enter a refuge, getting back on your feet is much easier if you can take certain things with you:

  • Cash or access to money.
  • Child benefit / other benefit books – these will also have your National Insurance number that you will need to make a claim for other benefits.
  • Pasaport, Visas, Work Permits – Make sure you take your children’s passports if they have separate ones.
  • Other legal and financial papers– for example Medical, Marriage and Birth Certificates, rent books, mortgage details.
  • Keys – Have an extra set made of house, car ans office
  • Emergency addresses and contact numbers – It may be better to leave your mobile behind as abusers will often use this as a way of tracking you down. Keep copies of important telephone numbers with you e.g. School, GP, Domestic Violence and Abuse agencies.
  • Clothes – take the essential items and extra clothes for the children. Don’t forget to take clothes for yourself.
  • Children's toys – Sometimes it is difficult to carry much but, your children may be confused and upset by what is happening and a special toy or comforter can help settle them.
  • Personal items – Photographs, diary, jewellery, small items of sentimental value.

You may need to leave some of these items at a family or friend’s house so that you can escape quickly if you need to.

In an emergency, it is always better to leave something or everything behind and put your and your children’s safety first.