Support for Abusers - Choose 2 Change

Services Available for Abusers in Coventry  

Safe To Talk Helpline

If you are a perpetrator of domestic abuse please call the Safe To Talk Helpline: 0800 111 4998 

8.30am - 5.30pm Monday - Friday 
10am - 1pm Saturday – Sunday 

Relate – Choose 2 Change 

Relate Coventry provide interventions for men or women who are using abusive behaviours in their current or past, intimate relationships.  

Relate seek to engage residents of Coventry over 18yrs of age in a structured group programme designed to provide those who abuse support to have respectful and positive intimate relationships. 

The aim of the Choose to Change (C2C) Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme is to help those  perpetrating abuse to address their behaviours, and encourage positive behaviour and attitudinal change, with the view to reducing the risk of harm to the victim, and any children of the family.   

An important part of the programme is our integrated support for partners and ex-partners. This is offered to individuals whose partner is referred to the programme to address their abusive behaviours. The integrated partner support service is delivered to the victim/survivor by our partnership colleagues at Coventry Haven and Panahghar and ensures that we provide a full complement of victim/survivor support, with safety interventions, and a good understanding of the programme modules. 

Relate programme is a Respect accredited programme so you can be assured of a high-quality standard. The service is regularly monitored and audited to ensure best working practice and ongoing development are in place. You can find out more information on Respect website:   

If you would like to self-refer or find out more about the programme, please email us at or call us on 024 7622 5863 for more information.  

 If you are a professional and wish to refer somebody to the programme, please complete a C2C referral form:   

Click here for to visit the Form Referrals Page  

Click to download the Choose2Change Leaflet  

 Relate also offer specialist training, workshops, and workbooks for professionals. Please make enquiries at   

National Services for Perpetrators 


If you recognise that you’ve been abusive to your partner and you want to stop call the Respect phoneline on 0808 802 4040