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Monday 29 September 2014

Coventry expands domestic violence and abuse services


Coventry City Council has invested additional funding of £250,000 in new domestic violence and abuse (DVA)

services which will see the specialist services provide advice, support and accommodation to more adults and

children affected by this issue.The new contract will be managed by the Council with the support of other key

agencies in the city, including the Police, the Probation Service, health agencies, social care, and key statutory

and third sector agencies in the city.The new services start next week on Monday 29 September 2014 and will

introduce improved ways of working between key agencies in the city to support people affected by DVA in

Coventry.   The total annual value of the contract will be £1.2 million. It will be delivered by a range of specialist

organisations commissioned by the Council. They will be responsible for improving access and service provision

to victims, and services to children and perpetrators through the introduction of:

  • A new helpline and interactive website –  for victims, children and young people, perpetrators, professionals & members of the public in Coventry
  • A single point of access to all victim services
  • Support for victims of DVA living in the community
  • Supported accommodation for victims of DVA
  • A peer support service for victims of DVA
  • Support for children and young people living with DVA
  • A service for perpetrators to help change their behaviour


The Coventry Domestic Violence and Abuse Support Services (CDVASS) demonstrates

the city’s ongoing commitment to ending domestic violence and abuse.

The organisations providing the services include: Refuge, Safe and Supported Partnership (a partnership

between Panahghar and Valley House), Fry Housing Trust and Barnardo’s.

The Helpline number – 0800 035 5309 – and further information about the support services will be available

on www.safetotalk.org.uk from Monday 29 September.


Cllr Colleen Fletcher, Deputy Cabinet Member for Domestic Violence and Abuse, fully

supports the investment which reflects Coventry’s determination to improve services and

encourage more victims to report safely and get the right help.

Cllr Fletcher said: “The changes will expand and increase services and the number of Coventry residents who can be

supported. We all know the significant impact that domestic violence and abuse can have on individuals, families and

neighbourhoods and that this can have a long term effect.”

“By being able to refine services and offer support to more people we are very confident of making headway in the



Coventry Domestic Violence and Abuse Support Services are funded by Coventry City Council and provided

by a range of specialist providers including: Refuge, Safe and Supported Partnership (run by Panahghar and

Valley House), Fry Housing Trust and Barnardo’s.